Nick Rijnders, aka DJ/producer and MC Goodgrip, has got a firm grip on life and especially on his blossoming musical career. With an Amsterdam based-studio and major DJ and MC gigs all over the world, Goodgrip has become a household name in the Dance scene. Recent highlights were sellout performances all over the world, in particular his gig on the 538Stage during Queensday. That day, more than 150,000 people witnessed him and Quintino create a unique complete party madness.

Goodgrip comes from a musical family and so he ended up playing the piano when he was only 4 years old. This developed into a serious interest in music, creating beats and writing lyrics. His father’s decision to buy him a computer denoted the end of his school days. From that point on, all of his time was consumed by making music.

His first serious introduction to the modern music industry was with the group Capitol Sounds, a collective of rappers. This proved to be a real turn of fate, as working with Capitol Sounds meant he ended up at the studios of Dutch DJ/producer Laidback Luke. Luke quickly became a mentor to him and offered him the vocal lead for his smash hit single entitled Rocking With The Best. This was a pivotal point in his MC career, as Goodgrip became the main MC beside Luke.

There subsequently followed bookings at major festivals such as Lowlands. After Luke, his MC career continued with another renowned Dutch spinner, DJ Irwan. Goodgrip was the host of DJ Irwan´s DJ gigs for a number of years. All of these gigs saw Goodgrip increasingly inspired by all kinds of music, and he finally decided to enter the scene as a DJ. His debut DJ gig was by invitation of event organizers Creme Fresh.

Fast forward to 2012. Currently Goodgrip’s priority is bringing his productions and DJing skills to another level. His collaboration with Quintino means that his MC gigs will be limited and more exclusive.

As a DJ Goodgrip continues to enjoy success abroad, enjoying many re-bookings after performing sellout shows. He has already played in Indonesia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Venezuela, America, Curacao, Qatar, Bahrain, England, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Greece.