After growing up in Sydney and Holland, Stan came to Jakarta and has settled in Jakarta ever since. His childhood has a major influence on his taste for music and the love of Hip Hop. His passion for music initiated from the time when he first heard the sounds of R&B, Soul and Rap; the essential beat roots of Hip Hop. Then his flavour of music enlarged into the collaborating world of Urban and Dance music.

Stan’s initiative in being a DJ was to show his appreciation for music and most importantly, to share the music with others. Stan treats music like a soul and gives full senses to the music every single time it blows through the speakers. Along with his Trigger crew Stan has moved thousands of music lovers on the dancefloor with his Electric Mashup sounds from R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Classics, Bmore, BaileFunk, House and Electro at the most well respected venues in Jakarta.