In the early 2000’s, T-Sha (Uty Shaimoery) fell in love with R&B and Hip Hop music after being influenced by her brother. At the age of 17 she encouraged herself to become a singer and in 2013 she became a member of the pioneer girl band in Indonesia called 7ICONS. Her love for music grew even stronger and not so long after she decided to start her DJ career.

One of her first big gigs was in February 2014 at Finally Famous’ 1st anniversary, an uprising EO in Jakarta. It was held in Exodus, one of the biggest clubs in Jakarta. Right after playing her set that night, Finally Famous immediately offered her to join the team and she has been part of the Finally Famous team ever since. Driven by her passion for music, she developed her music genres from R&B and Hip Hop to House, Electro House, Deep House, Future House, EDM, Nu Disco and even Indie Dance.